SoS RARE is officially launched

SoS Minerals programme launch. Copyright Sam Broom-Fendley.

SoS RARE, along with the other 3 SoS Minerals groups (COG3, Marine E-Tech and TeaSe) were officially launched this week at a kick-off meeting at the Natural History Museum. The two day kick-off event comprised talks from the PIs of all the SoS Minerals groups, summarising the scope of their projects. The meeting provided an opportunity for all members of SoS RARE to meet up and consolidate ideas for the coming 4 years of research.

The SoS Minerals programme also hosted an ‘open space’ meeting, where all members of every research grant were invited to discuss the key issues relating to security of supply of minerals. One of the main topics of discussion was whether critical metals can, or should, be substituted by other elements, and how we can predict which metals may become critical in the future.

Official press-releases for the projects can be found here:

Sam Broom-Fendley 13 November 2015


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